Concrete/Masonry Floor Paint & Sealer (CMFPS)

Desert Brand Concrete/Masonry Floor Paint & Sealer (CMFPS) is a high quality acrylic floor coating formulated to enhance and protect porous concrete and masonry surfaces.

Desert Brand Master Seal WB

Desert Brand Master Seal WB is a unique blend of acrylic urethane resins formulated as a sealer for garage floors, driveways, decorative concrete, and more.

Desert Brand Penetrating Sealer

Non-film forming (invisible), fast acting, deep penetrating sealer for porous masonry surfaces. It provides lasting protection and water resistance. Helps stop efflorescence.

Desert Brand Paver Sealer

Desert Brand Paver Sealer is a high-performance acrylic/urethane clear sealer developed specifically for porous paver tiles and other porous masonry surfaces.

Desert Brand Top Finish

Desert Brand Top Finish is a high-performance interior/exterior acrylic floor polish designed to provide exceptional resistance to scuff marks and dirt retention when applied to high traffic areas.

Desert Brand Total Sealer

Desert Brand Total Sealer is a deep penetrating, non-film forming, fast acting sealer for porous paver tiles and other porous masonry and concrete surfaces.

Desert Brand Roof Tile Sealer

Desert Brand Roof Tile Sealer is low V.O.C. (volatile organic compounds), water-borne, state-of-the-art nano particle size acrylic clear sealers designed specifically to control efflorescence upon concrete roofing tile surfaces.