Desert Crete Texture/Overlay is ideal for surfacing aged or newly poured concrete surfaces and can be used to attractively finish Desert Crete or Desert Flex. This high quality interior and exterior surfacing system employs high performance acrylic modified cements combined with a unique pigmentation process for color enhancement while utilizing state of the art patterns, surface textures, and designs that can be used in countless ways, even walls!

Features of Desert Crete Texture/Overlay
1. Slip resistant
2. Water resistant
3. Non-combustible
4. Easy to apply and maintain
6. Can be sloped for proper drainage
6. Excellent tensile, compressive and bond strengths
7. Abrasion and chemical resistant


Desert Crete Texture/Overlay is a polymer modified resurfacing system for aged or newly poured concrete surfaces. Desert Crete Texture/Overlay is designed to repair driveways, patios, pool decks, entryways and walkways and provide a hard wearing, attractive finish.