Desert Crete Decking System

The complete decking system for your exterior walkways, balconies, and roof decks. This is a top of the line, decking system, it is Class A, one-hour fire rated. There is no limit for your finished look, it can be color stained, stamped, stenciled, or the standard knock down texture, the choice is for you to make.

  • Applied on plywood surfaces
  • Used on Apartments, Condominiums, Hotels, Business parks, Residences
  • Enhance and protect the value of your property with the Desert Crete Decking System
  • Waterproof
  • Class A fire-retardant
  • Will follow the contour of your surface
  • Can be sloped for positive drainage away from the building
  • Desert Crete Base
  • Poly Base
  • Texture
  • PDF
  • Bonder 480
  • Desert Crete Liquid Polymer